Logo Design

Whether it’s the typeface or the mascot, people will remember your brand through the logo so it pays to have something memorable and creative….

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Web Design

Web design services for all types of websites. We offer our services worldwide and offer everything you will need to put your business online.

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SEO Services

Increase traffic, leads, and sales with our results based SEO Services. Here is the best place to get guaranteed SEO service for your website.

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Dumitru is the type of person, for whom you would find projects just to be able to work with him. I don’t see him as a programmer, but rather a teammate with him I work towards our vision. I hope to keep up this synergy as long as I can. Just phenomenal.
 Aaron Guner (Founder and CEO, www.butigo.com)

Dumitru has saved my money and my time. Our collaboration with this highly talented artist has brought us a lot of benefits that it would be long to explain in details here. He’s honest, fast, inspired, efficient and he has given us many unvaluable advices and tips. I really recommend this designer/webmaster for all your graphics project. After having experienced some bad trips with several web freelancers not yet skilled and full of tricks to take my money, I can say today that Dumitru MIDON is the very best designer for your business !! You will always get what you’ll pay for, and often a better result than expected.
 Thomas Hurreau (Company Holder, www.ordifacil.com)


I am proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Adobe Flash, Adobe After Effects, and a variety of other graphic programs and applications. While creating graphic designs I try to work losely with the clients and pay much attention to preparatory work. I possess strong communication skills and I believe that the ability to conceptualize Internet ideas is as important as the technical professionalism of a graphic designer.